The Next Logical Step Recommendation For Web Devolopment

Hello :slight_smile:
i have just finished reading “Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML” by Eric and Elisabeth Freeman it was my first book regarding web development

my goal is to create an online store that delivers for my local city also let people create store online in my site ( kind of like simple version of ebay for my local city )

im not sure what the next step(or in other words next book) is do i jump to web application or learn more CSS /html ?

also what web application is best suited for my idea/site i heard there is many for example php,javascript , java im not sure what to pick

holiday is next month im looking to order many books from amazon and start learning .

(Thank you for your time and sorry for my bad English )

With Christmas coming up, I would suggest getting a wordpress account and hit it up with some ebay themes. Starting a website from scratch and building solely via pure hand coding will at least 3 months or more or at least 10k if you outsource it. If you need any help with themes building, feel free to pm me. (:

Hello :slight_smile:

well im looking to code from scratch(learn my way through making the site especially that i would like to consider future in web development )

what subject/steps/books do you recommend ( keep in mind the idea of the site )

people have been telling me to be comfortable with HTML/CSS first then jump to PHP and MySQL

as you can tell im beginner and need guidelines

any help would be appreciated

Thank you

I wouldn’t worry about javascript too much yet. It would be worth your time to take a look at it to get an idea of how it works, but for your goals you’ll need a good solid understanding of mark-up.

And I think CSS is more “design” while your wanting “back-end” stuff.

IMHO PHP and MySQL would be a good choice. You can install both on your computer and develop to your heart’s content.

I would play with it a bit to get a feel for things, then spend a lot of time thinking about what you want to do with it and how to best structure things.