Crash course in HTML and CSS


My friend and I are starting a business based around a site.
I code PHP and have basic CSS skills.

I won’t have time to do everything. (Backend and Frontend). My friend is already very good with graphic design, so I’ve asked him to learn HTML/CSS so I can just focus on coding the core functionality DB and backend. He has agreed.

Now what course (or course of action) should I recommend he take to jump in?
A book?
Or just start hacking?

Its different for me, cos I’m a programmer already. When I want to learn a new language I just start hacking.
He has no coding experience.

From a business planning perspective, we’ve agreed we might have to pay someone to start on the frontend work initially. But I figure the sooner he gets going learning it the better. Startups have gotta keep their costs low.

Hi Lope. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

It’s important to set solid foundations, which are usually easier to get through a book, though there will be a lot to learn after that. There are some good beginner books offered by SitePoint, or you could start him off on a book like Stylin’ with CSS, a really good intro to HTML and CSS. (There are many, many books, of course, so I’m just recommending one that I used and found really good. :slight_smile: )

I would (and constantly do) recommend the book Building Your Own Website The Right Way. It’s a great book that is fantastic for an introduction to HTML and CSS. Well-written and very interesting.


Thanks for the replies guys.
Yes, a book would be what I recommend as well. (nice smooth progression)

My friend has said he wants to go the el-cheapo route and look at material online first.
I’ve skimmed a bunch of youtube videos and recommended him some of them.
I figured he should start with XHTML and CSS2 and then go from there?

Yes, good idea. Don’t worry too much about the X in XHTML. Any good resource on HTML will be fine.

That seems like a good plan of learning.

I don’t know what it is, but lots of people don’t know about this crazy thing that I’ve discovered called a library. I found it not too long ago…apparently you can check out books for free! It’s really great. That would help w/ the “el-cheapo route”.


I highly recommend