Where the web developer should start from?

Hello guys,

I’m writing to ask you (the web developer) if you have just started your journey to learning web development then what will you learn first and what next?


I recommend people get used to HTML and CSS, then move onto JavaScript, and then post that move onto a language like PHP + mySQL. :slight_smile:

Gotta start learning the basics of HTML and CSS because whether you plan on concentrating on front-end or back-end work, you still need to understand what all web pages are built with.

I started out with simple HTML. Back when everyone used tables and defined all style in the actual HTML code itself rather than CSS. With that being said I personally found that it was easier to get familiar with html then work my way into php. One could say the exact opposite as really either way there 2 different languages but understanding XHTML and CSS will deffinatly make understanding php a little easier.

Actually, there’s no definite answer to that. But as a developer, you must start at the part of the project that you are most comfortable with, then work your way. Towards other sections.

if you already have the basic, and know how the HTML and CSS works, its enough.
you can make a HTML layout with Dreamweaver with easy if you have know the basic.
better get moving on PHP.

I would suggest starting out with (X)HTML and learning non-deprecated, up to date tags. Then once you’ve got a strong understanding of these elements move onto CSS.

Start from HTML because it is the base to understand the concept of website development, I read w3schools.com when I start it. Its good online tutorial.

I have to second Alex here. since I knew HTML+CSS so well, a few of my early `jobs were people calling to get their CSS layout to work.

Thanks all. I have some simple knowledge about HTML and CSS, do you recommened me to go for PHP or deepen my knowlege in HTML and CSS at first?

as for me,
i learn HTML and CSS. That is for the layout, and the most basic in web development.
you might also want to know about javascript and JQuery later, it will be a great help for developing your web.
Then learn PHP for programming and dynamic content.

thats all for the basic in web development i know.
hope it help.

I started with Dreamweaver back when MX version was not out. It gave me an insight into what I do to the design and what changes reflect in the code.
This helped me learn html and css without the need of a book. Rest was perfected by working for a few websites and running into problems and perfecting them.
Similar path for javascript, but 3 months ago, working on a project that used ExtJS heavily, I learnt js from scratch and came to know about many things I didn’t know about.

Besides dreamweaver, there are many free tools that can give you the same experience of modifying the code live and looking at changes to learn - firebug, chrome developer tools. Make them your friends in the journey ahead.