The language for SEO

If my text is like this

Îmbrăcăminte pentru folosire scurtă

google will recognize those letters?

For ex if a user looks on google for Imbracaminte, google will display my page that has Îmbrăcăminte ? I ask this because my language is Romanian and on google you don’t type those characters like Î, ă, but I,a.

Google handle all languages equally well, and will in my experience give the searcher a quite large variety of alternatives for special characters. For example, ü and u will both be recognised by Google if the word contains a ü (though the order of the results may vary a little). Strangely, ue will not.

I think there is no problem because Google has the options for all languages.

Google has the option for all languages, so i think that you should not have any problem with language change.

I would say that your site will be more likely to be picked up when searchers are searching in Romanian. If your site is in English then most likely google will indeed show your site even with those letters that way.

The site is in Romanian language. The site is not mine and I didn’t do the site, belongs to a friend and she told me that she can’t find the site on Google. I took all the files and analyzed with xhtml validator and after I solved the 165 errors I realized that the words have diacriticals and I didn’t know how the Google will handle this.
You can see the site here.
I’m not good at SEO, but I put everything that I know. If you see something that is not good please tell me. is showing up results both with the words as entered in the search, and as at the top of your message.

Ok, thank you. I took that text to show you the letters. Of course, I see that with that text is the first site on Google, but what she is looking for is “echipamente de protectie” in general. The site is not new on google and in the title there is echipamente de protectie, but I thought that because of diacritics the Google will not take the whole text. I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear from the beginning.