Adding foreign languages to a website

I would like to create a website that has both russian and english text.
Any suggestions on the best way to go about it?

Google translate or a style sheet switcher are two easy ways.

I guess i was more like wondering if i should include a language pac? google font api perhps?

Isn’t google font API only presentation? Aka not searchable

I don’t know…
but I don’t see how it could be non searchable.

Hi !
There are some aspects which you should keep in mind while making your site multilingual. You can try to use Unicode – it provides a unique number for every character and works with all platforms, programs and languages. I will help you a lot to adapt your site to many languages.
Also don’t forget to adapt your content – work with localization and optimization.
Good luck!

you can also use plugin or code for translate language. so that when ever the person opens your site in that country then it automatically redirects your website in the language they are using.

Sadly Google is not so hot when it comes to grammar and reads badly


Most web servers are prividing a feature called content negotation. It allows to deliver localised contents depending upon the language settings of your users’ webbrowsers. See for technical details on how to set up this feature on Apache.

About two weeks ago, I installed a WordPress plugin on all of my websites - WP Translate. Adds Google translate to your site. My sites can now be viewed in about 30 different languages. It has been working out just fine. And, by the way, Russian is one of the languages.

I do have a Goggle translate plug-in on the website. However what many people don’t realise is that Google is not very good when grammar is taken into consideration; especially complex sentences or quotations. That’s why I am getting native people to perform the translations for me.

To give you an example: a ‘solar eclipse’ cannot be translated into all other languages very well. In Swahili to express a ‘solar eclipse’ they use the terminology “a crocodile has eaten the sun,” therefore mistranslations occur that can mislead or confuse a visitor.


Any kind of automatic translation service is (at this time) not very accurate. If you translate between two languages using similar grammar, you may get an acceptable (not good) result. However, I really cannot recommend using such services for commercial websites. They are a nice add-on when running a private site or a small blog, but as soon as you want to earn money from your web activities, it’s really advised to hire a professional translator.


Everyone! Thank you for your advice :slight_smile: