Audio and Video

Hi all,

What is the best way to handle audio and video on a website. I have some mp3 I want my users to listen to and also a video for them to watch. Should I upload the videos to YouTube? and the mp3 so another site. Or should everything reside on my server and make a call to it?

Its good to upload it to youtube and embed it on your site. You’ll get plus points on seo.

Well the html5 way is not fully functional and youtube is not an option. What free player can show both wmv and play mp3s

I think you can use flash player for your site.

Can I use a javascript one? An recommendation on a good player for my site?

if you are using cms it’s automatic or just install their plugins or modules. All I know is a flash player others are enterprise.

There are video hosting sites other than YouTube such as Vimeo. The players available for embedding video and audio on your own site are pretty good, and you can have fallbacks for older browsers that don’t support the newer techniques. There are also free video and audio converters that create the various file formats needed for these media to play on all devices.

good idea but if you want to embed videos go for youtube and you have seo points for your site.