That's it! I'm learning jQuery as my New Years resolution!

I’m tired of having to ask questions every time I need to jquery. I’m going to sit down and be totally bored and watch tuts just as I did to learn css.

How well do you know JavaScript. Since jQuery is just advanced JavaScript code you need a reasonable level of JavaScript knowledge (a bit beyond a beginner level) in order to be able to use jQuery properly. If you make sure that you have a sufficient level of JavaScript knowledge first then that will take care of a significant fraction of the potential questions regarding jQuery.

+1 for what felgall said.
Learn a bit of JavaScript first, just to get the basics under your belt.
Then, with a bit of dedication, jQuery will be a breeze (especially if you’re comfortable with the CSS selector syntax).

Do you know any other programming languages, or would JS be your first one?

P.S. I can recommend the SitePoint book:

Hey guys. I know enough JS and PHP to manipulate a script handed to me. That’s about it. Ok point taken. I’ll get the basics of JS under my belt first then jQuery. Thanks for the book recommendation but I learned well at lynda 7 years ago. I’ll use it again.

Best of luck. I also have my own new year’s resolutions… but I’m keeping them as a secret in case that I feel lazy and I don’t do them… I don’t want anyone telling me “you didn’t do this and that” :lol: