Thank you everyone for your help

I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone for their help showing me how to code the right way. I know sometimes its been a pain showing me how to do things, for the 2nd, 3rd, or even the 4th time. But I truly appreciate all your help.

A big thank you goes out to:

@Paul_Wilkins for showing me how to code using javascript, something I never thought I’d be using ever. Also for helping me bring my creations, thoughts, ideas, what’s in my head to life. The things you can think of to do, imagination is endless. I didn’t know of all the things you can do with javascript. It’s like walking through another dimension. I just wish it was easier to understand, some of it is, but a lot of it is complicated. Sometimes I wish I never knew how to do javascript because then I wouldn’t be having so many questions about it, about how to do this and that. You are a good teacher and I’ve learned a great deal from you, you taught me a lot. In saying that I’m very appreciative and thankful for your help.

If I didn’t mention you, and you’ve helped me along the way, thank you too.


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