Ran out of project ideas

Hi, I’m woking with javascript for a wile now, and I came to the conlusion that I’m not that creative. I really want to start a project to learn more advanced JS. I’ve already made a library for making 2D canvas games. but I want a real project to work on and lear the deepest of JS. If anyone has some ideas, please send them. tanks :smiley:

Hi @cedric and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately I have no specific project recommendation.

No doubt you have a favourite hobby with in depth knowledge? May I suggest creating a dedicated site to this topic which is enhanced by your JavaScript skills.

thank @John_Betong you for the idea and I’ll for sure think of that, but I’m only 15 so uploading a site to the internet is a bit difficult.But still, Thanks.

Hi @cedric,

I was 15 a long time ago and we all have to start somewhere.

Try searching for “free webhosting”. There are numerous sites available.

Set up your site, learn how to upload files, validation, optimisation…

Looking forward to seeing your site online :smile:

@John_Betong thanks for the tip,
I’ll certainly check out free webhosting sites.
But still My dad has to aprove it … :disappointed_relieved:
I hope I may do it.


On the off-chance your Dad disapproves of a personal website then feel free to post his objections and I am sure there will be numerous helpful replies.

do know any free webhosts, I can’t find a verry good one :smile:

Not off hand, I done a quick search and here is a comprehensive list of requirements.


If you have any problems then maybe ask in the Hosting Category but please state what you have tried or do not understand.

Best of luck.

c9.io (cloud9) is a great organization that offers you the ability to host files and run scripts basically. Should be good enough for your purposes?

Off Topic:

I also support them since they sponsor a Counter Strike (video game) team from North America.

Have an idea that may be possible. You get a domain name, and I’ll host your stuff and set you up an account on our server. In return, you help out with some js functions we have problems with.

At the moment, there isn’t really any. I’m kinda new to js, just managing to get by at the moment, and my brother is more php. He’s working on a sort/filter function that may need some assistance.

Of course I’ll have to run this idea through him if you accept. And suppose it depends on your js skills.

Either way let me know

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