Test Your SEO Score!

Thank you! So the trick is to enter in the entire URL, including “/index.xxx.” That took me a while to figure out because the instructions (already wondering why I needed any) said “1) Enter a domain name into the whois form on DomainTools.com.” – Apparently not just a domain name would work for me.

I’m at 91%… even though many may feel that the SEOTB is just a toy and irrelevant, it’s nice to “think” that I have less work to do than I thought. For SEO novices like me at least I can use the tips to fix things I didnt know about.

Yea thats nice tool
I got 85%. This is really interesting, actually I knew about it but forgot it eventually. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Greg, I did also input the /index.xxx (ie, the home page for the website), but it only checks that one page - how do you get it to check all pages in the website in one go ?

that tool is just great! like as well.

My Seo score is 95% :slight_smile:

But I think that is more to improve than 5%


:blush: my site is just 80%,

Do there any way for me to increase this?

If you click on the SEO browser, it will give you suggestions on what needs to be improved.

Really useful tool - Got a seo score of 86%. However I know for a fact there is more than 14% of work to be done on the site to optimize it more.

I got 88%. I probably good do a few more little adjustments.

Wow Great tools !!! I got 75 %

I’ll optimize until it’s more than 90

SEO Score: 93%

I got 92%. Thanks for posting this nice tool.

I got 98% and I don’t really do much SEO!

Wow, my SEO score is 95% :slight_smile:

Has anyone got 100% ?

The best result I could get in my tests is 99% !

I got 64% in one of my site; but, in my other site, i got 88%.
How it happen a PR 1 website got a grade of 88% while a PR 4 site got only 64%?

hey thanks for the info, i will try it later…thanks

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I cant even find the tool!

That automatically gives me a minus 10% from my score…

i tried it, but I’m not sure of this is reliable. Anyway, it is a nice tool with a great concept.