Test Your SEO Score!

Well…its really a cool tool and I am using it for long it not only show your SEO score but also lots of information about your doamin…you can say complete details. Other services of it also too good like domain suggesstion etc…any way thanks for sharing on this forum.

I just checked my score and it says 78%. I know that is inaccurate because I have done a lot to make sure my site doesn’t get any SEO.
Folks find my site by word of mouth and that’s what I prefer for that particular site.

Most of the other information was greatly inaccurate also.

SEO Score: 80%

I got this SEO Score: 80%

Domain tools is nice, I use their website all the time.

I´m at 98% - can´t get 100, because of statcounter code.

I got 90% - Nice tool…

But atleast you get to know where your efforts lie…Alas! I scored only 87%…wish more.

Wow great site. I my SEO scores 71%.

i have not found that tool on the describe website… i think they have removed it.

I got 79% and don’t know anything about SEO

Yeah, I don’t see this tool either.


That will explain it.

One of mine gets 94% SEO score. It is the great tool. However, you should look at the part of title relevancy and description relevancy also. I think both parts are optimized by most search engines.

Wow amazing site, bookmarked it thank you.
Cant argue with 98%

Yeah, 98% is fine !

I got 100% one of my domain, where I put a “401 htaccess authentication”

Nice tool!

Bit of a pain entering each individual page. Has anyone found a way to check on a whole website in go ?

Thanks for Posted Helpful Tool.

it will Help to all the users and also me for new sites seo score so we can update.

we 've checked so seo score is 92%. trying to update more.


my score is 97%