Test Your SEO Score!

Don´t know how many knows this tool and/or whether it´s good or not, but I´ve tested in on several sites and seems to work quite well and give some logical advice on the SEO score: http://www.domaintools.com/ - enter your URL and check the SEO score.

My highest is 98% - not sure I can go higher, since it talks about removing querystrings from the statcounter code I´m using, which is impossible to change without ruining the stats.

Thats a fantastic tool, my SEO score was only 70% - Some work to do by the looks of it.

About 80% for me across the board (that’s the mean average, mind you) - and those sites were made before I got serious about SEO.

Without meaning to appear smug…

I got 99% and 100% on two sites I optimised

err let me just go into smug mode also, i got 100% too lol


Without wishing to burst too many bubbles, these scores are as good as meaningless!

Im getting about 70-80% on most of my sites =(

I know that bigalreturns, it’s still cute though.

I didn’t doubt that you knew Dan! And I speak from the viewpoint of one who may or may not have spent time pushing for that 100% in the past…

Does this not give some indication of whether more SEO should be done?

Not really. It’s just a toy, nothing more.

I now get 100% on one of my sites, isn´t not so hard, it´s maybe meaningless but a lot of fun.

i now get 99%. i think i works hard on my site. lol…

I was unaware of such tool. Thanx to all my SEO friends!!

I got 85%… :frowning: Oh geez… I still have a lot to learn… How can I make it to 100%?

Click on the SEO browser, it will give you suggestions on what can be improved.

Not if it “makes you feel good” !!

Ohh… is it the SEO Text Browser on the right?

Yes, that´s the one.

I would imagine the best (maybe only) indication of how much SEO needs done is how high your sites appear in the search results.

I have a site with zero page rank on front page of Google, and one of the ones at 100% on domaintools is somewhere around the 800 mark.