Test Your SEO Score!

I don’t think its reliable…:frowning:

Nor could I - so better make that minus 40 for me, and a big ‘D’ hat please :xeye:


99% hehe

i’m quite pleased with the result ^^

very relevant tool obviously :smiley:

I got 97% . Nice try

94%. I’m happy with that.

Has anyone got 100% ?

It’s a great tool. Thanx…My blog’s characteristics are worse that I thought before…

94%, but taken with a pinch of salt.

I got 75% :slight_smile:

Got 92%

Thanks for sharing this!

LOL…I got 76 %…

thanks for the tool, pretty cool. Most of my sites between 80s and 90s so not to bad. Also like alot of the other features, had not come across this before but will be using it now into the future.

Its a great tool and informative also.

my compete rank is number 17 with 32,127,849 U.S. visitors per month
same with the Quantcast of number 17

My SEO Score:92%

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