Test Responsive preview in Smartphoe Browsers

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i Tested my site on "http://quirktools.com/screenfly/ " in all Smartphone screen that was good , But when i Tested my site on real phone it was not some thing that i saw on emulator browsers of "http://quirktools.com/screenfly/ "

What should i to do? i Cant trust sites like this one or you have Some thing bettr on This field?
i mean i cant gather all mobiles and test my site Responsive Design on them ,

I M confused;

Here is a better tool that I use to test the responsiveness of a website or a blog. http://responsivedesignchecker.com/index.php

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But when i click on javascript button i cant see any thing.maked me confused

I was also confused before but when you click the 15 inches for instance, scroll down and you will see what your site looks like on a 15 inches, if you want to see how your site look like on Ipad, click Ipad and then scroll down to see how your site look like on Ipad. Just scroll down.

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Thanks for giving your time to me…

this simulator is good,but its not good as real mobiles!

For the iphone if you have a mac you can download the devloper SKD that has a simulator included that is more or less 100% accurate (including any bugs on the real device). It’s a massive download but the simulator is good and I use it all the time for testing iphones, ipads etc.

I believe the Android SDK also includes a simulator for testing Android devices and is pretty accurate.

For quick testing you can use the mobile view on Chrome tools but this is not a real simulator like the above but useful all the same.

In the end though nothing beats testing on the real machine but only large companies can afford to have all devices handy or pay monthly subscriptions to browsercam and the like.

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