Best way of testing cross browser compatibility

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I’m a long time SitePoint user but haven’t been involved with the community much to this date. I’ve recently started developing websites again and need to test my websites for cross browser compatibility, on both desktops at different resolutions/with different browsers, and for smartphones (newbie responsive developer).

I’ve tried a number of these sites which generate screenshots for you, but they seem to have produced mixed results. I was wondering if there’s a particular site which is recommended for screenshot generation or some kind of extension/addon for browsers that helps in this respect.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • Bryce

From what I’ve tried, is the best.

It actually lets you emulate and play around; perhaps you find that a certain link doesn’t work or some Mac browser doesn’t keep the cursor set on a link. Whatever the case, browserstack emulates and you basically control a virtual version of what you select.

It does cost money outside of the free trial (if you are employed somewhere, see if they will buy it.)

It’s not the FASTEST but it does cover all bases.

I don’t know how accurate they are, but Chrome dev tools has emulation

and Firefox has Responsive Design view

Hi again,

Thankyou for the replies! I was aware of Chrome dev tools for testing on different phones etc. I’ll try out for desktop based browsers.

If there’s anyone else with more information or ideas, keep them coming!

Thanks again

  • Bryce

edit: seems to generate a different screenshot (broken) compared to ‘live testing’ version, which displays correctly. Any reason why this might be?

Browserstack isn’t just limited to desktop based browsers. It has a WIDE selection of phones and devices (varying OS versions)

It’s quite a complete list they offer.

AFAIK most dev tools or “responsive” tools only emulate the resolution, yet fail to actually give you the quirks and bugs and whatnot of the actual device you are “emulating.”

That’s been my experience anyway. I doubt Chrome devtools actually replicate the functionality of the device you select.

Browserstack isn’t a “screenshot” it’s a live view from the device. I’m not sure what you mean.

Yeah they have a screenshot service which delivers a number of screenshots based on what you pick, but they all seem broken compared to the live view. I’ll trust the live view I guess and fix bugs as they arise.


  • Bryce

Could you give some examples of it being broken? Many screenshot services prematurely take screenshots before the site is finished uploading ( had this issue) so I’d stick with the live view. I’m guessing that’s what was happening.

I knew they had a screenshot service but I figured that was there to screenshot bugs in live view so you can collaborate and show people it. That’s what I surmised anyway.

I can’t provide screenshots of the site I’m working on at the moment, but stuff like four lists floated next to each other are showing up as two longer lists (which is how its meant to look responsively) and things like that. It’s not a big issue, can’t replicate in live view. also has a free version. It has mac os excluded from the free. For open source projects it is completely free without functional limitations

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