Simulator for testing sites on Apples products

Has anybody used to test their websites in Ipad or Iphone simulators? Does it give an accurate view? A friend of mine had someone tell her there were issues with her website on their Ipad, but when she tested it on this simulator, she couldn’t see any issues.

The only thing remotely worth testing in other than the real devices is the iOS simulator—which you can only use on a Mac. Other so-called “simulators” are basically just a window the size of the device screen … but without any real connection to the nature, environment or functionality of the actual devices. That’s my experience, anyhow.

Thanks. That’s just what I was thinking, but it gets expensive if you have to buy a Mac or Ipad just for testing, so I guess the best way is to rely on friends who have Apple products.

Or pop into the nearest tore selling Apple devices. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ultimately, your aim should be to build not-too-complex, robust layouts that should function acceptably on all devices, and let those devices sink or swim. There are hundreds or thousands of different devices, so testing them all is impossible, and testing just a few seems kind of pointless to me.

Couldn’t you use for this and use their “Live” mode so you remote into a VM to run your site (instead of getting screenshots of the page)?

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