Temporary Website Host

Hey guys, Well for my A-levle I have had to create a website for a client and it is finally finished apart from a few annoying browser inconsistencies but hopefully I can iron that out at a later date!
So my question is does anyone know where I can host my website temporarily so that I am able to go through a test plan on the site as this is what I have to do for my next stage. I tried geocities but I could not get it to just let me insert my hwml, css and picture files to be used.

Thanks alot guys

You might find something at http://www.freewebspace.net/

Thanks alot mate…Im going to try and host it on a friends spare web space.

Try http://www.0-catch.com/. You have 100 megs of space to work with an it won’t cost anything. If you want you can even use your client’s address by pointing the servers to the zero catch numbers. You can use this as a test site and then repoint the servers when you are done. They will let you upload all your own html and codes, and they have good FTP access.