Free Web Hosting for Test Site?


Can anyone recommend a FREE Web Hosting Site where I can put up a Test Site?

I have been using but all of a sudden am getting these obnoxious "You are over your quotas..." message, which is strange considering that my website is a few pages of HTML, CSS, and some thumbnails?!

I want a Free Webhost because of privacy concerns - not because I don't have the $$$. (I have no desire to set up a domain name with my Name and Address ultimately tied to it for testing purposes, and even with "Privacy On" when you stop payng for that Your Name is back up on the Internet. And after a couple stalking issues, that isn't an option.)

I just want a simple web host - with CPanel and phpMyAdmin - so that I can put up some of my work and get better help here on SitePoint...




This question was asked quite recently. The most helpful reply seems to be this one.


If your site is just simple HTML, CSS, and images, why not just test the site on your own computer? This will save you the trouble of uploading and in your case, provide more security since it is all local instead of on the net.


Because several people here at SitePoint have asked to see my live site so they can better give advice, and I am trying to help them see what I see locally when I develop.



Except it takes 7-10 days for setup and they want to contact you before set up (i.e. no anonymous) which is my whole issue?!

I was hoping to find...

  • No Domain Required
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • cPanel
  • Allow .htaccess
  • No ads
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Instant Setup
  • Anonymous Setup (via e-mail)



I googled and found this:
Just try out some of the top ones, and see if the things claimed in the descriptions are true.


One of the best free web hosts for strictly TESTING i suggest visiting


I would recommend you, or