Google Sites

Hey all. If I create a website for free on Google Sites, can I use an ftp client to upload to there?


Seems not at the moment, though there are some [URL=“”]partial solutions for that. GWYPF :slight_smile:

What I really meant was can I upload my personal webpage to the site…or is that the same thing and I’m just dumb?


I presume it’s the same thing … but I’m not familiar with Google Sites. I don’t trust free hosting anyway. You can get decent hosting for a few $$$ per month, so why not do that?

I would like to suggest you to use a paid hosting service for your website.

I would suggest the same thing, but it’s only really for testing…when I shoot up my personal site, I’ll use that.

I don’t trust free hosting anyway.

But I do trust Google :smiley:


For testing what? Because it’s different from having real hosting, I’m not sure what you will learn. You can set up your own domain and a cheap hosting account and experiment on that—whether or not your proper site is up yet. Just sayin’. :slight_smile:

Why not test locally?

I mean, that’s what I do now - if I need to share w/ SPF, I put it in my Dropbox.

I guess that’s working fine.


Ralph - testing websites and mainly sharing them w/ SPF.

Google doesn’t support ftp.

Ah, gotcha. Your probably best to go with a hosting plan like Ralph said then.

There are lots of things that work differently locally compared with over http – testing locally is a good first step, but you really do need to test on a live site to make sure you’ve covered all bases.

I’d agree with ralph.m. Set up your own domain on a cheap hosting account, and you can post your “proper” site to it when you’re ready. Set up a folder/subdomain/whatever on that domain, use robots.txt to exclude it so it doesn’t appear on the search engines, and use that for testing/playing/experimenting to your hearts content.

That’ll all come later. Just a temporary solution, really.


I think the point we’re all trying to make is that, for the sake of about $25 p.a., you could have a simple, straight-forward solution that doesn’t require any jiggery-pokery to make it work. Why do things the hard way? :slight_smile:

Yeah. I gotcha guys. Was only wondering.


Is cPanel even offered with Google hosting? I never like it when a host doesn’t provide a good control panel or peppers their own version with advertising and such.

They have a small one - it’s mostly a weebly-esque online WYSIWYG editor.