Temporary internet suggestions for convention

so i’m going to this business convention that lasts a 10 days. i dont want to pay the convention center the exorbitant rates they charge for their in-house wi-fi.

so i’d like to get some sort of temporary wi-fi for my laptop. i was in an at&t store today asking about it. i can pay for a plugin device and return it when i’m done. Basically i’d be out $70 ($35 for activation/ $35 for restocking) in addition to the proprated portion of the usage of my 5gb plan. so in total, it’ll probably cost me about $100-$150 to get internet for my laptop for the 10 days.

does anyone have any better alternatives? suggestions?

please advise. thanks in advance!

I assume they were offering you something like a USB modem same size as a USB pen with a mobile/cell phone style SIM inside, with either a prepaid or pay-as-you go option. For a specific amount of data/bandwidth usage. To be honest it might be possible the in-house Wi-Fi might be cheaper over the 10 day period. It all depends upon what bandwidth you expect to use, etc.

Wouldn’t that be stealing???

Too bad we can’t do that with food… :shifty:

I have a Droid Incredible with Verizon. I am able to use my phone as a 3G WiFi hot spot by adding the $20/month service to my plan. I only need to activate it when traveling and they pro-rate it for what I used. It works pretty well.

The cons:

  • It’s not lightning fast, but not terrible either.
  • You can almost hear the battery draining when using it

If you have a smartphone, that may also be an option to explore.