[FONT=“Georgia”]There are people working on computers that can communicate directly with the human brain, for example in cybernetic, prosthetic limbs.

Meanwhile, cellphones are becoming mini-computers in their own right, and getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

Meanwhile, nano-technology is moving away from science fiction (and a scary episode of ‘Outer Limits’, I might add) and into medical reality.

Meanwhile, our newest IT seems to be moving more and more toward social networking and wanting to communicate 24/7.

For me, adding all of those up, I strongly think that one day some of us will have nano-sized, cybernetic, brain-implanted cellphones, which will be operated by thought, sending text-messages and other information wirelessly to someone else’s nano-sized, cybernetic, brain-implanted cellphone.

Essentially, telepathy.

Your thoughts?


I think it’d be pretty awesome. The potential for people with disabilities or paralysis to be able to do things for themselves is awesome in itself. There must be a million other uses that I haven’t thought of.

The embedded electronics frighten me a bit. It’s a small step from there to mind control, potentially of whole populations.

I find myself deviating away from technology and modern accoutrements lately, wanting a more simple and down-to-earth lifestyle. Still with internet though. :wink:

I can just imagine the troubleshooting that would go along with this kind of tech.

“I have a virus.” “Software or biological?”

I’m not worried about mind control (it’s going on already, nothing new here) but malware, though I guess they are related. An infected computer can do damage to its user but we’d be talking about a possibility of direct damage to one’s health. That’s my major concern, otherwise it’s too cool not to be used. We’ll get over the fear and other hurdles eventually.

:lol: Exactly, and the worst part is that unlike biological, someone can control the software virus for their purpose.

My further pondering is how will these devices shape the Internet? What will the concept of a website be? Most of us are in business of creating websites. Will it also mean developing using a device embedded into our brain? Does that mean literally working while you sleep, or meditate, or doing some other task that doesn’t require much brain power (like lying on the beach)? :cool:

Christ, just imagine awful flickering Flash pop-up ads in your brain.

“My brain is full” “Did you clear out your temp files?”

“My boss is a complete and utter moron!”

beep message sent to … Boss

WHAT!? ctrl-z, ctrl-z :-/

I can see that having such a chip could have some benefits / nice features, but I’d rather not have people putting chips in my head. Who knows what’s on there?

It could make mind control a lot easier and completer.

Well, if we’re talking about a device controlled by brain but not one that controls brain (which I imagine is a much more complicated issue and is way further in the future), then there is no risk of being controlled. The only risk is if a virus damages the device which can cause physical damage, such as overheating. But even then such risks would be minimized without a doubt. I mean you don’t see today’s computers exploding due to a virus, or growing arms and legs and attacking people. So an embedded computer would not work beyond its function as well.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Yup, I was thinking about that.

I was thinking about the man with the brainstem disorder I mentioned in another thread.

He can use a computer to send e-mails and use Facebook; As far as he looks to the online community, he’s a “regular” person.

On the other side though, imagine obsessed persons. Those who text their crushes or their exes over and over all day. Imagine having someone (or a few people) like that loose in your head!

Or imagine having a bad day and sending an impulsive “brain-text” in a fit of frustration.


[FONT=“Georgia”]I remember we had a topic about this, I think Jake wrote it, not sure; About us wishing we didn’t have to sleep because there’s so much more that could be gotten done.

That’d be awesome if it’s an advantage only me or you in all the population had, but imagine if the whole world “evolved” that ability. That’d mean all deadlines would become even shorter, and the expectation to meet them even greater than I think most of us are sruggling with now!

We’d become busy all the time… literally!

I don’t know if that’s a good thing.



[FONT=“Georgia”]Well here’s the thing, right.

It’s a brain, so it’s not actually a “text”. It’s more like a thought.

It might be less like writing a text and reading another’s text, than creating an idea and receving an idea.

So what is an idea, or what is a thought?

Is it an image?

Maybe a memory of a feeling, being sent?

Or a memory of an epiphany?

Or maybe different people really do think in different ways, so the “brain-texts” from each person might each come to you in its own flavour.[/FONT]


[SIZE=“1”](Watch the whole thing, but the relevant part is from 0:50 .)


[FONT=“Georgia”]Imagine what spam bots would be like.


Working while I sleep? That would be interesting. In my dreams I often find simple solutions for complicated problems (or rather problems just don’t exist) and when I wake up I wished I could still remember how I solved them :smiley:

[FONT=“Georgia”]I guess one thing that’d be cool and useful would be to sort of tape-record dreams to watch them later.


Uh, No! :shifty:

Yes, but its still technically not telepathy, but I believe a certain percentage of people will do it

I don’t think I would want people to know what’s going on in my brain - it’s the only thing that keeps me from being fired (or worse) some times. :smiley:

Being able to record dreams for playback though? Could be interesting as some of my dreams are…intense and/or interesting. :shifty:

Would also help me with those feelings of deja vu I get all the time…

I read the first post and my instant thought was Johnny Mnemonic. :slight_smile: