Microsoft's CEO

Hi. :slight_smile:

I was shocked when I saw this man and knew that he is the CEO of Microsoft. I thought Bill is still there, what’s wrong with Steve Ballmer :D? I saw very funny videos on Youtube. Is is true that he is the Microsoft’s CEO?

He’s been CEO of Microsoft for about 10 years. Yes, the man is a loon.

I’m not sure what this has to do with ASP.NET

I’m just worry about Mircosoft. :lol:

I’m still waiting for Bill to come off his “vacation”. Gates is a true leader and visionary, unlike Balmer, who is a douche.



he got pretty nice salary :slight_smile:

That’s a crappy salary for that job, but the stock options more than make up for the low salary.

That’s crappy salary? :slight_smile:

One and a half million to head a company the size of Microsoft?

This is a chart from 2008 for the top paid CEOs…

Stephen A.      Blackstone
Schwarzman      Group L.P.     $702,440,573    Financial Services

Lawrence J.     Oracle
Ellison         Corporation    $556,976,600    Computer Software

Ray R.          Occidental Petroleum
Irani           Corporation    $222,639,705    Petroleum & Coal Extraction

John B. Hess    Hess Corp.     $159,566,940    Petroleum Products

Michael D.      Ultra Petroleum
Watford         Corp.          $116,929,392    Petroleum & Coal Extraction

Aubrey K.       Chesapeake Energy
McClendon       Corporation    $114,286,867    Petroleum & Coal Extraction

Bob R.          XTO Energy
Simpson         Inc.           $103,485,972    Petroleum & Coal Extraction

Mark G.         EOG Resources,
Papa            Inc.           $90,471,784     Petroleum & Coal Extraction

Eugene M.       Nabors Industries
Isenberg        Ltd.           $79,333,079     Petroleum & Coal Services

Michael S.      Abercrombie &
Jeffries        Fitch Co.      $71,795,744     Retail Apparel

Here is something that really threw me for a loop

He did not receive any stock options in 2010 – nor in 2009 or 2008.

The decision to decline stock and option awards is Ballmer’s, according to Microsoft’s proxy statement.

I guess when you already have 15 billion dollars you’re not doing it for the money any more.

Damn some nice amounts there, omg

I noticed the exact same thing TKE, really bad salary and no options.

Mind you, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have become very good friends. The Oracle of Omaha (last I heard) was still drawing a salary of $100K and driving a Ford Explorer despite being the second richest man on the planet.
Perhaps his personal conservatism rubbed off on Bill and in turn trickles to Microsoft.

That’s the reason why Microsoft is getting behind google

Tell me, how is MS falling behind Google, when MS’s net worth per year is higher then Google? MS is the biggest software producer in the world, still. Google is a hype machine, with over half of their projects are utter failures.

Yeah, they fail alot. Then again so does Microsoft. Right now Google is so far better positioned than MS it isn’t even funny – Windows and Office are great cash cows but they are running out of milk. Whereas Google is now capable of letting you search for a product, finding it for you locally then getting you to the store to buy it. And that is the tip of the iceberg.

So, when is Google coming out with an operating system and office products?

Comparing Google to MS isn’t exactly comparing apples to apples, although MS is jumping in to Google’s market with ping or whatever it’s called.

Desktop OS? Probably not. Then again, will the desktop matter in 2020?

But they’ve got an OS for your phone (Android) and your set top box (Chrome). And your phone and set top box will matter in 2020 . . .

I’ll still be using a desktop computer (or a laptop if they’re as powerful as desktops can be) and it will be void of “cloud” based services so I can control my own production, store my own data, all in much more privacy that all you cats that just have to be on the cutting edge of whatever they wanna sell you next.

Yes, I’ll use my phone for talking only and what the heck is a “set top box”?

Is that what the big companies are going to sell next to replace the desktop?

I concur with everything. Microsoft isn’t just about software anymore. Ever heard of X-Box 360? #1 Selling System this year. Not bad for a 2nd gen console.
MS is also going after Google in the Search Engine market with Bing, which offers features the Google doesn’t offer. Although, Google is still ahead, but for how long?

I really like people who say Desktop, Server, and Office products would be dead by “insert year here”. They are the same people who said we would have flying cars by 2010. I want my flying car!

… You mean Chrome and Docs?

Chrome is a browser, not an operating system;

Apparently they are trying to make it into an OS but it’s not going to work on Windows machines so it won’t be taken very seriously.

And do you really want your docs stored online where any confidential information is subject to being hacked???

Go read their terms of use and I’m betting you’ll find that by using this service you agree to hold Google harmless from any liability when your docs are hacked.

It might be OK for kids doing school work, but any serious business enterprise will be creating their docs on their own private system so they can control their distribution and control storage.

You can’t hack a system that stores documents when it’s not connected to the internet which is the safest storage format.

Never heard of such things :goof: None found in my near IT stores. Must be a different continent kind of thing!

Chrome is a brand. Like in Chrome OS. Or Google Chrome.