Technology is for MANKIND or NOT?

Technology is invented by man for betterment of mankind.but now it destroy the mankind…Will Technology Destroy Mankind or Betterment for Mankind?Please Tell me…

Technology might end up being the tool that eventually destroys mankind but imo it won’t be the root cause of the destruction.

For me, the root cause will most likely be mankind’s inability to get along with itself by the misunderstanding, intolerance and disrespect of other peoples’ views and beliefs. Greed for power and wealth and double standards on social justice issues, on both local and national levels, will also most likely be a major contributor to mankind’s destruction.

it depends upon the technology the man is after. and its true that man is destroying him self…

Hold on a second, let me get my magic ball… wipes off the dust

Aaaaaah, it tells me that technology will destroy mankind no later than Christmas 2012. So get the latest iPad before it’s too late!

Technology is for betterment of Mankind but it depends on man that how he uses it.

actually its help man its provide easy way for man. but now days the unemployment is the big problem of the world so its seems bad but overall helping for man.

Of course technology has been invented to make life easier for people. But everyone should understand what needs to be extremely careful not to overdo it. f.e. nuclear bomb.

I think it will help man Kind. If you think about it, the usual life expectancy used to be 30 years, but now it’s 75 or more years because of constantly new inventions.

Yes . Technology is for mankind and humans make these to fit for humans.

Technology is invented and developed by man for mankinds… It is useful for the betterment of mankind.

if i would be a clairvoyant i could tell you the answer, but i am not

It depends on mankind if the human being using technology for better purpose then its really good but they are not using it betterment that’s why the global warming issue is generated.

Every thing has advantages as well as disadvantages. In the same way Technology has also advantages n disadvantages it also depends upon our use to this. but over all i m in a favour of that" IT IS FOR THE BETTERMENT OF MINKIND."

technology ai certainly developed for mankind but as people are so ambitious and they want to get more and more i think in some days all these technologies will turn against people.

to look for new technologies, but do not forget about the old values

everything that is too much is bad. There’s nothing wrong with technology, it only becomes bad because of improper usage. In my opinion, technology will only destroy mankind if it’s designed to destroy mankind.

But at the same time technology can save mankind . But a lot of people don’t use technology for a right
destination and it can destroy the mankind