Team 3MT

Hi @Stomme_poes it sure is good to see you here :smiley_cat:

We’ve been busy getting acclimated here and many of us have testing accounts so we can can play Mod vs. Bad Guy

I’d rather that we not Flag any of your posts, or Suspend accounts while we’re experimenting so if you would please ask your team to say Hello here, we can get to know them, give them a Title for easier recognition, and not step on any tails by mistake.

If there is any thing you or your’s want to ask, please do. Either by PM or @ mention will work, I’m here often.

I’m thinking “Team Poes” unless you’ld prefer different.

BTW @TechnoBear may seem harmless, but remember, a :bear: is a lot bigger thsn a :cat:

Welcome indeed, to Team Poes.

Same goes for me, too.

Cheek! I’m delightful, really - just misunderstood…

Look out! The cat’s on the prowl :D.

Thanks to all on Team Poes for their help in testing out the beast that is Discourse and helping us to test for problems with accessibility. You’re far more qualified than any of us are (though @TechnoBear is pretty much a keyboard ninja)

Who let the cat out of the bag? :smile:

Hey guys, I’m going to write a long letter to the 3MT mailing list (the group’s name is 3 Mouse Tech, so I’ll bet 3MT as group name would be more appreciated :stuck_out_tongue: (btw how do I kill smilieys? though I’m very glad there’s real text under the little faces)

So far nobody knows anything because other than our last meeting I said it looked like Hawk/SitePoint was indeed interested in the idea. We’re probably going to also have a meeting this Friday so by then those who don’t like mailing list discussion probably can bring up any points within our group.

Should I tell them to simply make whatever account they want here and simply make a post in this thread?


Sounds fine to me (and I’ve renamed the thread).

I don’t know the answer to the smiley question, though. Except to avoid them, because they all look so sinister…

Edit: I’ve found this discussion, which agrees there should be an option to disable them…