Targeted online surveys?

Hey everyone,

I’m not sure if this is the right category for this question but I was wondering if there was a way to have an online survey target people who live in specific zip codes and/or cities. The survey and content itself is done and I was going to use basic Adwords, banner ads, etc. to advertise the site but is there another way to reach people? A specific survey group that can be hired possibly?


If you want to reach people with a certain demographic, you’re talking about ad networks. If you advertise your survey landing page on Facebook or Twitter or Google or Bing, you’re going to have options to limit demographics, especially by geo-location. But you can often choose age and gender ranges too. The beauty of Facebook ads is that Facebook knows everything about everybody, so if you want to narrow down your ads to just short people with red hair who have a cleft in their chin and a twitchy eyeball who live within 10 miles of a Walmart, you probably can.

Your “ad” will be whatever the gimmic is, like win something, join sweepstakes, download something free, whatever, as long as it’s legitimately what people will have access to on your landing page. Ad networks do not like you to create an ad saying one thing, then sending people to another thing!

If you want your survey to go directly to people without the “middleman” of an ad network, there are surely networks that do this. For example you know how those “make money from home” things have stuff like “answer surveys for cash!” Those surveys are created by all these companies who pay to get their surveys answered.
I wouldn’t know any of the networks though, you’d have to search for them.

I would go with the first idea though. Create a landing page with your offer, then create ads to drive traffic to the landing page. You’ll have to pay, obviously, but if the keywords aren’t competitive, and the demographics are narrow, it won’t be much. Depends on how many people you need to do the survey. Maybe $20 bucks would get all the responses you want? You are paying for clicks, and you can set a cap on how much you spend.

The second method, getting on some survey network; the only people who will be answering your survey are stay-at-home moms and teenages and stuff, making their 5 cents off each survey they answer. Probably not the demographic you want.

Good luck!


Thank you for the info! I’ve also started looking into IP targeting. Gravis and El Toro seem to do exactly what I want. Also Geo Fencing through Adwords. Of course the other option would be to hire a company like Survata and let them handle it.

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