A few photos I’ve taken over the last few months in Tanzania. It’s a fantastic country and certainly worth visiting!


damn, some are a bit too big, sorry about the sideways scrolling (or zoom out, that’s easier)


Maasai kids

Lake Chala

Tarangire National Park



Spring near where I live

Wow! Those are fantastic!

How did you get that close to the tigers and elephants? Were you on your own or with some sort of guide?

I’d really love to visit some Western or central African countries sometime.

I was in my car with a friend. This is me having a beer while we stopped to take in the panorama.

The weird thing is that the African animals aren’t scared of cars (by the way, those are lions, not tigers :)). These are in a national park so are perhaps more accustomed, but even when outside the park, animals like baboons, elephants and zebra don’t seem to be too bothered.

Sorry, I don’t know why I thought of tigers. I usually know the difference. :smiley:

Great shot with you and your friend, Raffles.

Great pictures! Beautiful country.
That last one (not the one with the beer, the last one of the first post :wink: ) would be a perfect shot for the June photo challenge

Great photos, Raffles. My question was going to be—How did you get so close to those lions and not get eaten. :lol:

Indeed! Perfectly suited.

Great shots. Very interesting area. Sounds like a great place to be. Keep the pics coming.

These are really gorgeous and a real display of one of the glories of the Internet as well as the beauty of Africa. This really gives us a closer look than many of us would have otherwise had. Just think… because of the web, we can not only look at the pictures but get real time answers to our questions about them. Thanks for posting them Raffles. Be sure to post more when you get back from your trip!

I keep telling my wife that we can save money and just see the world on the internet, but she isn’t convinced. :lol:

:stuck_out_tongue: That isn’t what I meant wise guy! You can watch all kinds of nature shows and travel shows on the television but you can’t interact with the people involved like you can on the Internet. That’s the way the Internet brings the world closer together. At least that’s my :twocents:

Nice pics Raphael :slight_smile:
THose young and female Lions are impressive :slight_smile:

@Raffles ; Awesome pictures. Did you go on an organized tour or by yourself?

Great pictures of Tanzania, my brother is in Kenya right now so I am getting lots of photos from him. The beach there looks like paradise, absolutely stunning. I especially like the picture where you sitting on a lawn chair in front of the ocean there.

I live up in Mountains in Venezuela and we sometimes go to Choroni or Cartagena in Colombia (but that’s a little farther away) which is just as beautiful. I will post some pictures soon.

Organised tour? Pah! No, I went by myself in my car. In some national parks, like the Ngorongoro crater, we had to hire a proper Land Cruiser with a driver, but only because none of us had such a tough vehicle. It’s great fun to drive yourself. :slight_smile:

When i saw these pictures, what i thought is how there are so many beautiful sights.

Beautiful, Raffles - the sea looks gorgeous, what temp is it, and what temp is the air? Is it safe to take a swim?

Can everyone drive into the park, or is it some restictions?

I love these pictures… the sunset, the beach, the smily face… And of course, I love the pictures of the animals very particularly of the lions… lions have always been one of my favourite animals. Great shots!

I love Tanzania… went there on Safari last year.

I find it looks better on Chrome or Firefox. :lol:

@Raffles ; Stunning photos. May I ask what set up you were using? (Camera and lens)