These pictures are really awesome, you have done well in shooting those clips of wild life. Well done!

I noticed that too when I went on a safari in Nairobi. I guess they are used to the cars by now. We had an elephant that got a bit aggressive because we stopped to watch him. He started beating around with his trunk so we drove off as quickly as we could. :lol:

I used to watch Big Cat Diaries. It was quite amusing that one of the Cheetahs they were watching would often come and sit on the roof of their vehicle for a better vantage point.

Such a beautiful photos! You’re a real master!

Mein Gott im Himmel, those are freakin’ awesome shots! No tour makes them even better! You can’t really take unaffected shots of nature from a highly affected context like an organized tour IMO.

Zinga! :tup: :lol:

Feel like I’ve missed out seeing these. Late to the party again.

Enjoyed the pics though. So tempted to pull out photoshop and move that giraffe to even the space between the buffalo’s or whatever they are. Some great detail shots in there and it certainly feels like you got close.

Heh heh … I hear Photoshop CS6 is really good for that.

Oh, yeah really beautiful!!! You’re great photographer!


Makes you want to visit Tanzania, doesn’t it?


i must say that the photos are beautiful.
in which camera did you use to take these photos?

cool pictures! Wish I can do a trip like that… dreaming

Very impressive, especially the pic with the lions. I love so much empty beaches like these…

the island is shot beautifully…really mesmerizing