Tagging records client side and updating database?


I am building a website using PHP and MySQL. Its like a professional development website where users can store records and manage a portfolio of related record and evidence.

I intend to display users records in a table accessed from MySQL using PHP. On the browser the user will see a number of rows - each a different development records. I want the user to be able to tag / select these e.g. not selected, red, green , blue, etc. - like tagging emails. This should then update the record in MySQL but the user needs to see this visually in their browser. I will then implement a search to allow the user to display the records they have tagged.

What is the best way to implement this, I could continually refresh the page with PHP to reflect the tag change each time the user changes a tag and then update MySQL - would this be quite intensive? Any suggestions - would I have to lean a client side language to implement this?

I have not started coding yet as I am not sure of the best approach. I am looking for a slick approach - I have no experience of javascript - can this type of tagging with direct feedback be managed only with PHP? If so any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.



The best way I can think of is using AJAX, which isn’t that hard to do if you’re using jQuery or a similar framework.



this would be a display issue and handled in the front end with php as you thought. a moderator will move the thread to that forum for you.