How can I manipulate user data

Hello ouyt there, I wanted to be able to manipulate (on PhpMyadmin) with user data and I know javaScript is best at controlling user input. I will like to get each word that a user users a #(tag) infront.

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My name is #John and I am going to see #Mary.

I will like to get John and Mary and manipulate with the data. Is it possible and how please

Is it really a good idea to use JavaScript to do that? Normally a server-side script (such as PHP or .NET) is used to work with the database and filter information such as hashtags.

If JavaScript has some good reason to be involved though, you’ll want to start with a regular expression to help you parse out the hashtag information.


Cool! But I am like lost.
I am a javaScript intermediate (well according to w3 school assessments) but I don’t have any idea on how to go ahead with that statement until feeding it into MySQL db! If Php can accomplish it I will be well pleased too as I am using Php as backend!

Thanks in advance.

Okay - I’ll shift this topic over the the PHP forum where you should be able to gain some good help.

If you’re coding experience so far has been in JavaScript you may be better served by nodejs which is JavaScript which runs server side. In any event, you do NOT want client side code from any language directly manipulating the databases on your server. There needs to be a go between which provides validation and authentication. That go between - be it PHP, Java, Node, Python, Perl, C# on .NET or what have you - will run server side.

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