T- shirt design website

Hi guys,

A guy has ask me to build a T-shirt design web site for his company. Something similar to this one tshirtprint.co.uk. And I haven’t got a clue where to start. What cms would allow me to create this kind of site?

Many thanks

Does your client want people to be able to create custom designs on their site [as in see the design] or simply to order tshirts that have already been made or submit information for a custom shirt [but not show the design online]?

Hi thanks for the reply. Yeah he wants them to be able to create a custom design on the site and all so have already designed custom t- shirts.

I recommend you first choose a cart what you want … then buy a least expensive template or design a similar CSS from it…

I think no cart allows to make online t-shirt designs… I prefer you to make custom online tshirt design application.

ok how would I go about creating or getting a Custom online T-shirt design application?

This is not a simple task and I doubt you’ll find from anything off the shelf [search first but it’s not that common a request nor universal to take from web to print]. As a minimum you’re talking about writing a script to layer a basic image over another to show the t-shirt but to really be compelling and “look” legitimate enough to use, you’ll need something much more sophisticated with a strong uploader, image testing to insure a proper print, transparency support, zoom, and so much more.

If you’re asking the question you probably need to look at outsourcing to a development shop that can make this for your client.

hanes has a tshirt design maker for tshirts for free