Application for Designing clothing

What would be the best method to use for a website where the user visually designs their own clothing from a list of several options? They would also have to be able to enter their own text or images into the clothing as well.

This is beyond my skills to hand program anything like this, so I think that I’ll need to use an out of the box program. I don’t even know where to start looking.

I know flash could probably be used for this, but wouldn’t that take away the option of eventual ecommerce?

Has anyone had any good experience with anything like this?

Here is an example of something similar: NIKEiD

I HIGHLY doubt you will find an out-of-the-box program that can do this. It’ll require some custom coding.

I know it’s been done with a couple of sites. I just figured that there was something out there that would help generate something like this. Is it possible to do something like this with flash and be able to translate it to ecommerce?

Honestly, I’m kind of at a loss as to where to even start looking.