Swfobject onresize buggy in IE

ive tried not using swfobject and static embedding in swfobject, and the flash itself in IE was buggy in both cases (size and position of movie clips and text inside the flash). using dynamic embedding in swfobject fixed this, however, now the size and position of the whole flash object is buggy, not the individual elements inside the flash.

funny as it may sound i consider this an improvement, especially since most of the advice i am getting out there is that no matter the case i should be using dynamic embedding with swfobject always.

i am now more than ever seething with hatred for IE, but im not going to let it beat me. wont you help me in this battle? heres the bug:

the page consists of three divs, a content div, and a banner and menu div in which there is flash content dynamically embedded to stretch to 100% of the divs width and height, and the divs themselves are programmed to maintain the correct aspect ratio no matter how the window is stretched with the doResize function in the dimentionator.js file, which is called when the window loads and whenever the window is resized.

this works fine in all browsers except IE. in IE, when the window loads, it doesn’t resize, it just shows the banner maximized for some reason. you have to actually click and drag the bottom right corner of IE to resize it manually and then see it proportion correctly. and, if you do it to quickly, the flash doesn’t have time to catch up and it will be bigger or smaller than it needs to be. finally, if you maximize or minimize the window the size is what it should have been before you pressed the button.

so all of those problems could be fixed the divs are resized when the window is idle right? i have tried making a timer to call the doResize function every 5 seconds, and actually increasing and decreeing the size of the divs by one pixel every five seconds, but the flash stayed the same size. i am sure that the functions were actually called, and the divs themselves resized, but the flash stayed the same size.

heres the site, check out dimentionator.js (you can see it and all the rest of the stuff i used in this site by going up a directory)


ive tried to fix this by calling window.resizeBy and window.resizeTo, but those methods dont work when there’s more than one tab open in IE