Flash not working properly in firefox and IE

Hey man

I’ve got 2 similar problems with flash content.

I’ve got a small flash animation on my about me page.
At the bottom of the page called “here’s me growing up and down”.

In firefox 3.6.7 the animation works fine and loops properly, but it shows about half the size it should be.
The same animation in IE7 displays the correct size, but only plays about halway through then stops.

I also have an animation in my KZX page at the very bottom called “First attempt at fully rigged animation with suspension/chain moving properly.”

In firefox I have to click on refresh for it to work properly and recently in IE7 it plays once then I have to click refresh for it to play again.

Any suggestions?

Hi eastcoast

Thanks for the reply.

What page are you referring to?
And, what part of the code do I have to change to swfobject?
I’m not an expert on html.

Thats it fixed!

I wasn’t using dynamic publishing when I tried it yesterday.

Everything now works as it should in each browser (on my pc anyway).

It would be good if anyone can confirm both pages work fine.

Thanks again eastcoast

Hi eastcoast

Thanks again

Don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but as soon as I tried the swfobject generator script on my site, avast started showing it as a trojan horse.

It first showed swfobject.js as a trojan, but I hadn’t uploaded that file into my main direcory, that stopped after I uploaded it.

It’s now showing the same trojan “HTML:RedirME-inf [Trj]” as infecting the file “http://www.craighood.com/favicon.ico\\{gzip}”.
I don’t have that file on my site.

It still only played the animation once in IE but looped fine in firefox.

I now can’t view the KZX page as it should be which is back to the original page without the swfobject script.

This is doing my head in, I’ll have to go and lie down.

Where you have embed tag / object tag nesting you’d completely replace that with a swfobject block of code. You can read more about it here: http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/

There’s an online swfobject generator here that will help write the necessary code:

I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing, but if I change the word object to swfobject the only thing that changes is, the animation in my about me page (in internet explorer).
It changes to the smaller size like in firefox which is the wrong size.

Is anyone getting the same results as me when they view my pages?

Looks like you have incomplete embed/object parameters
Use swfobject instead will likely solve your issues

I sorted this problem before, but it’s back again.

Both of my animations work fine in firefox, but don’t loop in IE.



You have an error in gsvp.js that is causing javascript to not execute on the page

thanks east coast
how can I fix this?
I don’t have a file called gsvp.js on my site, do I need it?