Suggestions for horizontal scroll story site!

I understand that anything too unconventional in terms of site navigation can effect user experience, but I decided to go with a horizontal scrolling structure for a recent website for my ongoing project - a scroll story site.

I’ve tried making the experience as intuitive as possible by emulating scroll for users with a mouse (which supports only y movement), while letting laptop users whose trackpad support horizontal swipe use it naturally.

Also, to make sure a user doesn’t get stuck due to incorrect detection, I’ve added a manual override button in the footer.

Are these digressions from usual site patterns with the above mitigations acceptable? (especially since its a festival cum event site) How would you rate the design and usability of the site? Any tips on the same are greatly appreciated.

I’m into horizontal scrolling too :- ) The first thing I attempted to do at your site, was to dragscroll with the mouse — didn’t work. (The scrollwheel does work.) I’ve written a library for whole-page dragscroll actually. It’s supposed to not interfere with links and selecting-text.

I think the graphics looks good and professional. For me, scrolling with the mouse works fine, in order to watch the animations. Then later, when I want to scroll back and forth, the scrollwheel is a bit too slow for me.

Aren’t the clickable things in the menus reachable from the top nav somehow? If not, doesn’t feel so user friendly to let people scroll large distances in order to find and click the correct links. Perhaps make all links reachable easily, if one clicks the Menu button at the top? Perhaps a 2nd row with menus just below?

In this text:

view events

view events

only the small text on the 2nd lines is clickable. I think everything should be, and it should look like a button. I didn’t realize at first that I’m supposed to click it at all.

… oh now a while later I notice that the top menu is the same? roughly the same? as the menus in the navigation. But you’ve choosen different titles — therefore I initially assumed the top menu was about something else not related to the animation.

The text “PRONTIES” looks like something I should click, but it’s not clckable

I didn’t notice or think about any manual override button, until now when I read the end of your post. I wouldn’t have found it, in real life.

Ooops now I noticed that there are actually 2 menus in the top menu. If I click “Menu”, I can toggle between 2 different menus. This actually makes me confused, I wouldn’t try to understand how the menu system works in real life. I suggest: leave the About / Partners / Team / Gallery / etc links visible always, in a “normal” top nav, with small white links but no icons. And on Menu click, only show the animation related menus. And … let the menu text be visible always, not only on hover. I wouldn’t hover all images just to find out what they are about.

Anyway, again, I think the animations look very nice, and scrolling with the scrollwheel once, to view, worked fine. And after that, the site isn’t currently so very user friendly I think.

(B.t.w., many people really didn’t like 2d scrolling in my hobby project. However, I had (have) both vertical and horizontal scrolling — for you it’s very different, only horizontal. I think that can work just fine.)

Firstly, I’m not a great contributor because I simply don’t have the time… andw hen I read horizontal scrolling I thought ‘Oh no’…
I was pleasantly surprised and very much so. Love look and feel and my logitch mouse scrolled through it like a race horse. Really funky… loved the experience…colour balance great, quirky graphics and nice menu options simple nav.made absolute sense to me. very intuative Loved it ! Clearly a lot of thought went into this… thanks for sharing.

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