"Modern" but Overboard UI/UX Attempts

OK, so I don’t normally call out specific websites, but I stumbled across this one the other day and I just wanted some validation of my opinion.


Is this style (I don’t care about the content of the site, or their offerings, etc) of UI/UX in any way, shape or form a good thing? I understand they were going for innovative and cool (and it is cool looking) but…

  • I couldn’t at first glance find where I needed to go, so huge no-no
  • It scrolls in multiple directions meaning some users may never find content
  • It’s unclear what can be clicked on and what can’t
  • Several items aren’t clear as to why you’d click
  • The font faces, sizes, positioning, colors, and angles are all different, so you have to read all the
    copy on each button to actually deduce if you should click it or not.

I’ve seen several of this style of site - something really “flashy” and “eye catching” but to me, so far over the top that it’s borderline unusable.
Am I just kicking back against the unfamiliar here? This is the kind of thing I’d like to advise my clients not to do - unless I’m just clearly in the wrong mindset.



No, you’re not kicking back from the unfamiliar. That site is a usability nightmare.

  1. No scrollbars to indicate there is content elsewhere on the page.
  2. Multiple links to the same page (thought the relative positions don’t see, to work)
  3. Zip Code lookup which doesn’t look to work…
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Glad it’s not just me! I have nothing against the place (Everyone says their food is awesome) but I was just horrified by the UX and then wondered if maybe it’s just me being archaic in my ideas about design or something.

What do you expect from a company who obviously is trying to rip off Buffalo Wild Wings? I didn’t even realize it wasn’t BWW until I started typing it in my phone to see what it looked like on mobile.


I was wrong, it’s just coincidence they have the same sounding name and similar logos… maybe. Kind of interesting actually. BWW and this are both from the same area and started around the same time. Both logos are pretty similar and both names kinda have the same ring to them.

But yeah, the site. I think Tide or Clorox or one of those cleaning products did something similar to this a couple years ago and was made fun of across the internet.

You’re not alone. I agree with everything you said and left that site after a minute of trying to use it. Definitely won’t be visiting it again.

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I will - I want to break this code down and learn from it ! Crappy UI experience aside, this is fascinating (although probably more simplistic than it looks.)

It is definitely an interesting effect, and I’ve seen it before as was said above, but haven’t the foggiest what they’re doing there.

Just a bad UX, but nothing making it not a cool set of code haha

So, check out this page without Javascript enabled.

I could give a bigger image but you would only see more white space :wink: .

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My first experience of the site was as per Ryan’s image, because I had JS disabled as usual. Clicking “View Full Site” shows a flash of content, then reloads the JS-off page.

So I enabled JS - and all I can access is the mobile site (on a 1280px desktop). The “View Full Site” link behaves as before - brief flash of content, then back to the mobile site.

I needed more reasons to dislike it, thanks :wink:

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First of all I agree that it can run for the ugliest/worst design, but there is a “old school navigation” you can click.

I will - I want to break this code down and learn from it !

Sure, if I had your knowledge, and experience probably I would too: learn how NOT to do a site!

I do not endorse his design at all; I’m not sure you understand that?

Right - I suspect what @RyanReese is interested in is the how all of this was done - the effects the page uses are very interesting (to me, at least) - just when employed as they are, they make for a completely unusable UX. That doesn’t make the methods / scripts / etc employed less interesting, though, on their own.

Edit: Speaking of that, I need to jot that down - I’d like to take a look at it when I’ve got a second, as well.


Sorry Ryan, I did understand, I was just reinforcing the concept that is clear throughout this thread, and that you wanted to learn the interesting technique, but using it in a more pleasant, and useful way.

Note to myself: improve my English.

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I don’t think usability is the issue here. They seem to be trying to convey is a cool-wacky-different-loud image. There’s very little content anyway, so getting lost/not finding what you’re looking for is not really much of a risk. Maybe they are setting out on purpose to annoy UX people… or at least to state they aren’t one of those politically correct places with lots of white space and a 3-word tagline in beautiful font. Whether they are right or not depends on their audience and what they intend to achieve.

I don’t think usability is the issue here.

As an attempted user of this site, I guess I’ll respectfully disagree with you. I basically just stopped trying to browse the main site and went to the “old fashioned” menu at the bottom because it was taking too much time to use the site itself.

It’s not to do with political correctness - if you’re a business, your site needs to be quickly and easily navigable by your viewers - and potential customers. Obviously, their audience is customers, and those customers have to be able to find things.

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Are you a real user of the site? Or rather like me, a user of sitepoint forums? I find their site very kitsch but kind of fun, like those gossip magazines you read at the hairdressers.