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Can you guys tell me what you think of in terms of design and usability? Our client wants something similar (horizontal scrolling), but “better” :slight_smile:

It took 8 seconds for anything to show so you might want to look at optimisations.

Sideways scroll doesn’t work for me, web sites should scroll up and down, sideways scroll feels awkward an unintuitive.


The side scrolling worked for me and it didn’t take too long for the website to load up for me. However,I know I’m dating myself, but reminds me of using a microfiche and if I remember back then I didn’t like using them. :grinning: I would try to persuade the client to use up and down scrolling. Maybe you could add some animation when the visitor comes to the bottom of the page that makes it look like you’re flipping a page of a newspaper when a button is clicked. Then start the page back at top. Though I don’t know if it’s possible or feasible, but I’m sure it could be done.

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What exactly are you asking, @startme? Your post seems rather vague to me. Do you just want opinions on horizontal scrolling? Presumably you’re not thinking of copying this site’s design, but the link suggests there is some aspect specific to this site that you want feedback on.

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@TechnoBear Of course not :slight_smile: This is what the client gave as reference. Basically I’m looking for ideas on how to improve on a horizontal layout like this and have it work on any screen. For example, can I use wider columns of text? Will it mess up the grid? Adding some animations? Sorry if I sound uncertain, I’m just in the beginning of the design process and looking for ideas :slight_smile:

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I agree with @bluedreamer about sideways scrolling. It’s unintuitive and difficult to use.

The site is not properly accessible to anybody using keyboard navigation, as there is no way (that I could find) to access the full article. You can scroll the site using the arrow keys, but if you attempt to reach a link, tabbing starts from the far left. However, the viewport doesn’t move to where the focus is, which is disorientating, as you have no way of knowing what, if anything is happening or where focus is. Even trying to read the first article in full proved impossible, because while it is possible to tab to the arrow, Enter fails to open it.

Using the mouse, I found the experience uncomfortable; it required effort whilst scanning content for items of interest to distinguish one article from another, as the widths and headline sizes vary. Opening an article to read it in full caused content to jump, which I find unpleasant.

On mobile, I also found it very awkward, If you don’t swipe firmly enough, the page doesn’t move; too firmly and it shoots past one or more columns.

If JavaScript is unavailable, the site displays nothing at all. The site is using a huge amount of JavaScript to create a very uncomfortable experience, IMO.

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