Excited to be learning

Hi all I wanna convey my greetings to all members. I joined this community about 2 days ago and really excited to know about SEO terms and Marketing as i want to join my brother in law he runs his own business but before i start practicals i want to dig in it. What is it, basically it’s really interested but i am a new learner like a new born baby who tends to know whats going on. I intend to participate in different threads and would like to speak my mind instead of being a silent learner. I’ll do mistakes may be will share some posts you may laugh but i think this is the best way to learn something new instead of thinking like a limited or secure person, should i ask or not. I hope experts will help me to grow my knowledge as i saw and had assumed in these two days there are the experts of SEO Marketing i want to make mine life time business.


Welcome to the forums, @gomsabigail990.

If you’re new to SEO, then the best place to start is Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. It will give you a thorough grounding in all the basics, and you can be sure the advice given there is all sound.

The major search engines also publish webmaster guidelines, which you should consult on a regular basis. Google, in particular, has comprehensive guidelines on all aspects of SEO.




While there is a vast amount of SEO information and advice available on the Internet, I would caution you to be careful, as much of it is outdated (even in recently-published articles) and may cause more harm than good. Unless you are very sure of the reliability of your source, I would suggest that you double-check everything with the search engines’ guidelines before proceeding. It is always easier to keep within the rules and avoid problems than to try to recover from a penalty later.


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