Suggest a Good SEO company

Hey Guys,

Can you please suggest me some good SEO companies. as my rankings are down

Go for SEOdataservice it’s really worked well for my sites and all my sites are getting good rank and traffic as well.

i think you not need not need any seo company first f all you check our all site content and back link because google panda and penguin penalized many site every month and keyword ranking are down first you check your website and next concern any company

Hi nancywill try this …fininfocom… its good seo company…

Be very careful. You will likely get a number of not-so-legitimate suggestions, especially from members with low post counts.

Also, SEO services will not make the changes for you–they just analyze your site and suggest what to change. This is something you can easily do on your own. Here’s a place where you can start:

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

It has become little hard to find right seo company. The most important thing is their previous work, ask them for their portfolio that they have done recently.

Wow, I’m always amazed at the “advice” in responses.
It’s almost always safe to say that “blanket statements” such as "SEO Services will not… " are not going to serve you.
Or assumptions like “you do not need…”

Get a proposal from
They are great, and you have nothing to lose to find out what they can do for you.

Go to the website, use your own judgement, and then if you like what you see, ask for more info. That won’t cost you anything, and you’ll get much better info than posting here.

It’s amazing how threads like this accumulate large numbers of posts where the post counts are in single digits - and how obvious it is that they haven’t read the earlier posts in the thread.

Anyway the OP asked for good SEO companies and that’s a somewhat contradictory condition. The best person to do SEO for your site is you.

Yes, I completely agree with Felgall when he said “The best person to do SEO is YOU!”. When you do web search you’ll find lots of SEO companies and they will come up with their proposals and strategies. So what I will suggest is, you’ve to gain some knowledge about latest trends in SEO. So once you get some knowledge about SEO, it will help you to find the best person. Then you can do little web search and make a list of companies with their services list and shortlist 5-6 companies and ask them to do audit of your website and submit their proposals. Now, it’s your time to apply your SEO knowledge to find best one… Hope this helps to find a good company. Good luck mate :slight_smile:

There are many good seo companies but according to me SEOdataservice is best because this is my personal experience and many sites has improved with this company. Anyway thank you all for sharing different SEO companies ideas.

Search on the Google you will find long list of seo company or else you can take a reference form your friends or business circle. ask them with which seo agency they are working and know their experience. may be it will work for you too.

Hi friend SEOMOZ is best SEO company.

I suggest you the systronic. Its a good SEO company. You can achive your goals of getting high rank in search engine.

Would suggest to do it by yourself. You can learn SEO and now modern search engines have made SEO so easy as you will just have to share quality information and let the Google show his magic.

The link building strategies are now change and I am afraid that you may find an SEO company using outdated methods of ranking websites.

Wow. Another blanket statement. Not only that, but you said it yourself, she “asked for good SEO companies…” and yet you immediately go against what was asked for. Wow people!

Frankly, many people do not want to do SEO themselves, do not know how to, and want to focus on their business, their strengths, and leave the SEO to experts. Ever hear the term “delegate”? How about “outsource”?

Just because something is best or right for you doesn’t mean it’s best for everyone. Yes, some people should take the time to learn it themselves (which is a “rabbit hole” that can take a LOT OF TIME), and then take the time to do it themselves. That, however, is hardly a “one size fits all” best answer.

So my suggestion again is at least talk to and if it seems like a good fit, get a proposal. I promise you, doing just that is a lot easier than trying to learn SEO and then actually taking the time to try and do it, learn from you mistakes, etc etc.

There are millions more flying pigs in the world than there are good SEO companies.

It’s also obvious that you also haven’t read the earlier posts in the thread about all the newcomers who post comments in threads like this having barely arrived at the forum and who therefore have zero reputation on the forum. Without a reputation on the forum for providing good information why should anyone believe you?

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