Suggest a CMS


Am working on a site for a client and am not sure what CMS to use. It needs to have:

Customer Sign Up
Limited content unless you are signed in
When customer signs in takes them to the page they last viewed

I am confident at building this in Joomla or Wordpress. I’d love to do it in Wordpress but am not sure about the last two points on my list there. Does anyone know of any plugins that could master that?

Or have any suggestions for a different CMS?

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

To be honest, I’m no fan of customising Wordpress or Joomla beyond their basic uses, and only with some of the better supported and developed plugins.

I personally would use Drupal - and have built a similar system using Drupal before. Though this again needs some customisation and definitely the use of some additional modules, and Drupal isn’t as easy to start with as Wordpress and Joomla but once you get the hang of it you can do anything and are much more flexible than with Wordpress or Joomla.

Thanks c2uk. I am reading the manual for Drupal right now as that was in the back of my mind. I just fear that as its got to be a quick build I might be better using something Im familiar with.

If you don’t need much more customisation then you can do it fairly quickly, it’s just a matter of identifying the right modules - definitely need Content Access (in combination with ACL if you need user permission granularity rather than role permissions), also good to use are Views, Pathauto, Admin menu and maybe CCK (not really needed if you don’t have complex content), the WYSIWYG module and then an editor of your choice.

But as I said, it’s not that easy, particularly if you get into more complex websites and administering can be a pain in itself until you get comfortable with the admin structure and Drupal way.

Basically if you’ve got more than 2 weeks to build it, then it’s possible, if less than look for something else.

It really depends on how you want to present the content of your site. One person here might like the blog style of WordPress, while another likes the pages of Joomla. It really isn’t something that can be decided by consensus. Just as we suggest people download phpBB and do a test install to see the features firsthand, you should do the same here. Neither offer ecommerce solutions built in, so if you want to sell products that would need to be an add-on.Joomla is quite easy to customize.

Thanks for the reply. It doesnt need to have e-commerce, I’m totally comfortable with how to build the thing in either Wordpress or Joomla except for the points stated.

I think we are now going down the Joomla road as it has to be a quick build.

I want to start using cms, but their are so many choice in install central, is drupal is a good and easy one to use, any suggestion welcome.
I want to make a site that is easy for general user to update, add some forum, has a picture gallery that people can upload their pictures, but also with login to control who can upload file, etc.

As I am using this i can recommend you this. You can use either Joomla or Word press

Try the Concrete5, it is also very good CMS

If you site will be ecommerce, it is better to choose shopping cart with CMS features

use Drupal - this is great for this project

I think all of the things can be easily done in Wordpress with little php help.

Go for Joomla
also try wordpress
These are good content Management Systems