Another which CMS question - Drupal or Wordpress?

Ok, in an attempt to get back into kung-fu training, I have suggested rebuilding my sifu’s website for him in exchange for lessons.

His requirements are simple:

  1. If each student has their own user name and password requires a lot of admin. Happy for them all to share or can they get a password automatically?
  2. Need members area
  3. Roughly the same type of content as at the moment
  4. Need an area and way I can update constantly like the current stop press area.

Now, I am mostly familiar with Wordpress, although have also used Drupal (still use it, but not worked on it for a while).

I think that Drupal would be best, although no idea what his server is like (I have no plans to transfer all his mail servers etc) so it could be slow, like my old server was with Drupal.

Anyhow, the only tricky bit for Wordpress would be the members only pages - although there are some plugins that sound like they do the trick.

Which should I go for? Wordpress with a private/members plugin, or Drupal?
I am happier with Wordpress, but maybe Drupal is the only way to do the job properly? It will be my first “design” job. In exchange for work, I get the opportunity to be used as a human punch bag.

Or is there a better option? Whatever CMS I use, it has to be very straightforward for users as well as admin. My main concern with Drupal is that I had some feedback that it is not very user friendly. Wordpress posting is much easier.

While either one would work, ACL (access control list) functionality is much better in Drupal than Wordpress.

What is the best CMS in regards to simplicity?
I have heard that Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress are most commonly used.
What would be the best candidate for a simple website?
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cmsmadesimple is another moderately easy cms to work with.

Drupal seems pretty good, but I was very disappointed to find that Drupal core doesn’t have built-in support external smtp servers for email, you have to get some add-on. That made me stop and look for another cms.

I keep finding more things that make Wordpress almost work, like WP Sentry to hide posts from non-registered users / groups, but still not ideal for my needs, but it does have a much better editor.


I would recommend to go with Drupal. It would be more easy to do but possible and with wordpress.

What is about your concern about Drupal that it is not very user friendly i wouldn’t think so. Yes it is a bit difficult for admin to work with Drupal if you are new to it but members don’t must to do anything except to click on create content link and what type of content in the navigation menu.

You also can display navigation menu on the top and to display only required links. This will make to work with drupal more easy for members of your website.

Not to throw a stick in your spokes but have you ever thought about using Joomla?

It’s free and user friendly - have a look: joomla<dot>org

Hope this helps,


I tried joomla a while ago, specifically for an exercise log module. But I just did not get on with it. I could not seem to get stuff to work. It looked like it should be obvious, but it wasn’t for me! I like Drupal and WP because the modules/plugins are simply upload and switch on. In Joomla, this approach appeared not to be there. I gave up.

Also Drupal admin just seems tidier.

And if I learn 3rs CMS, it should be a directory or eshop.

But thanks for the suggestion!

Well, my concern was mostly the posting of articles (i.e. having to know some html code), but I now have TinyMCE installed, so that problem is solved.

For a user, Drupal is not logical out of the box, but nothing some good FAQs and better places links cannot handle.

I will suggest you go for Drupal its much secure and not as easy to be hacked as wordpress.

I did something similar recently and used Drupal. The trainer for the club likes the results and finds it easy enough to use the admin area. The site was for a friend of a friend so my run through of how to use the admin area went through to him second hand so it can’t be that difficult. I didn’t include private members areas though but I do know that modules for that are available.

Cheers, the site is now built in Drupal (on a testdomain that I may keep for a blog: - The rest if the team are looking at it now to provide feedback.

Leonglass, which calendar module are you using? We need a calendar.

This one make sure you check the dependancies.