Sugeest a Framework Joomla or Magento

We are planning to create a online shopping website. Which framework would you suggest to use for easiness? joomla or magento? Hope your answers would be helpful to start our work ASAP.

Considering Magento is an eCommerce platform and Joomla is not the answer should be obvious.

Thank you obviously its not the right platform… :slight_smile:

But some of suggesting me to do it use Drupal!!! Then which would be easier and perfect one to use… Thank you…

Don’t do Drupal, it’s e-com solutions are very basic. Go with Magento


Both Joomla and Drupal are generic content management systems that can be anything given time to build it. On the other hand, Magento is ready to go out of the box solution for eCommerce. Granted you need to customize Magento to achieve very specific business requirements but for the most part if you can adapt the work-flow its ready to go.

Thank you for the valuable replies people. All of them were very helpful!
Thank you again!

There you go, another satisified SitePoint forum member :slight_smile: