Easily customizable ecommerce website - Magento or Woocommerce?

i would like to develop the e commerce website for mobile custom skins like dbrand .In that Which is the best frame work to develop the site Magento or Woo commerce

It depends on what you are trying to do. You haven’t given much information and I don’t completely understand what you are trying to convey in your first sentence. If you are asking specifically for how to develop an ecommerce site optimized for mobile, that has more to do with the web design itself and not with any particular “platform” or “framework”. But I think that both Magento and Woocommerce have web templates that are optimized for mobile. Now, as for which one is the best way to go for creating your ecommerce site, well…that all depends on what kind of site you are creating. So we really need more information here. Woocommerce is specifically a WordPress theme or plug in (see here). Magento, on the other hand, is flexible and can be implemented on any type of site. It is also marketed more towards professionalism and high performance. So if you are anticipating a large ecommerce business with a lot of traffic, then Magento and a Magento specific hosting option (like this for example) would probably be the way to go. If it is going to be a smaller operation and can be managed through a WordPress site, then woocommerce would probably be ok.

It all comes down to what you are actually trying to do.

Actually i want to Develop the e commerce website where option is available for customization skins for mobile. in that same website how can develop is magneto or woo commerce is best

Though its up to you but I think that both Magento and Woocommerce have web templates that are optimized for mobile. Now, as for which one is the best way to go for creating your e commerce site, well…that all depends on what kind of site you are creating.

yes i want to create the website like this dbrand ,here you check this dbrand website…

That site is a Drupal 7 site


ya that same website with all options i want develop which is best cms magneto or woo commerce ?

If want it to be like that site, then it follows you would use neither.

You would use Drupal 7 with the Commerce module


Yeah, we have seen the source code of the reference site and it says they are using the Drupal platform. The issue with Drupal is that we don’t have too many extensions available in case we want to add many minor functionalities in the future…certainly nowhere in comparison to Magento or Woocommerce. Same with availability of developers for Drupal commerce. In both aspects, Magento or Woocommerce scores very high.

Just that we are confused between these two platforms. We are looking for something which can be easily customized to any extent even in the future and also looking for ease of day to day admin work on the site, minor editing of the site etc.

You can look at the reference site. The way customers are able to select textures and change the design with options. We need the same kind of functionality.

I’m just going to keep this simple and tell you Drupal, magento, and Wordpress provide similar levels of customization options. They are all open source so in theory you can change whatever you want.

Having said that Magento provides everything out of the box for an average e commerce operation. Drupal will not provide anything for ecommerce without installing and configuring various modules such as; commerce which can be a painful process with many hurdles requiring programming knowledge. I hate Wordpress so am not going to comment on anything related to it.

My professional recommendation would be magento unless you have development resources to maintain a Drupal commerce site. Drupal is a better platform but it is not for a company without a development staff. Where as magento is out of the box set and forget with the option to customize.

You can better go for woocommerce as it is more easily customizable then magento.

That isn’t true.

I just installed PrestaShop.

Looks like it might suit my needs (getting rid of inherited possessions during this lifetime)

Still haven’t scratched very deeply into it, but worth checking out IMHO

Hey, I’ve just came through your issue.
I’d recommend WooCommerce since it is more understandable. At least it was clear for me how to manage it, when I installed it.
But it is all up to you. Try both CMSs just to make sure you will be happy enough in the end:)
As for themes, look through these ones. I haven’t tried them, but liked design.

It depends if you have some technical background then i would say magento would be a good option. there are lots of extension which are available which can help you in setting up the site. Wordpress would be simpler for you to use and with little knowledge you could set up the site. The DBrnd site is a drupal site but you can create a site with magento / woocommerce as all these platforms are customizable.

Magento is having some additional inbuilt features like multiple domains website with single Magento installation, customer grouping, multi-language with multi-currency, Grouped products, configurable products, bundle products, advanced report features for admin etc. whereas in woo commerce we can add features and can customize the website with the help of extensions and plugins.

As far both platforms concern, Woocommerce is completely customizable, and has a good shopping cart & secure payment gateway. Woocommerce is best option if you are looking to build a wordpress based website and not planning to open big online store. On the other hand Magento have more features than any other ecommerce platform and Magento will be good option if you are planning to launch a large scale online store with unlimited features. For small scale startups magento is not a good option. Rest Shopify, <snip> are also be good considerable options as both platforms are highly customizable

The easiest would be Woocommerce. It’s good for beginner. You can install Wordpress then use any Woocommerce themes and plugins you like and just customize your ecommerce site.

I prefer Magento rather than WooCommerce. Although Magento is quite hard to use but it works pretty well. WooCommerce on the other hand supports well for small store but it has many weak points I saw. Therefore I’ve turned to export WooCommerce to Magento. From now I think that I will stand with Magento until I stop my business. Hope you can choose the suitable one from my comment. Thanks!

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