Substitute for Dreamweaver Site Management


I am thinking of parting company with DW. It’s not that I don’t like it or anything but as I have gone on with web building, I do most of it in Code View anyway. To view/test I use the browser and browser tools and recently, I got a Mac and I am going to have a go with Textmate.

The thing is, that Dreamweaver site management tools are just awesome and are probably the main thing I would miss. My question then is whether there is an app out there that can match this?

Thank you


If i understand you riht,alternative:
Adobe GoLive
Microsoft Frontpage.

Thanks sceptik.

I’m not looking for an alternative to Dreamweaver. I want to move away from it but will miss Dreamweaver’s site management. I’m wondering if there’s an app out there that will match or better that.


I stopped using the site manager in DW years ago and use Filezilla instead, much easier to use and much faster

Ooook )

Frontpage is dead!
I would suggest Vim!

How i can find this program? nathing fiind !!