Submissions: The Great Holiday Photography Competition

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1 - Please limit yourself to one submission per topic
2 - Please explicitly state which topic your uploaded image is for
3 - If possible, the filename should contain the topic and your forum username

The eight topics so far are;

  • Candles
  • Bread
  • Holiday Food
  • December Weather
  • Christmas Lights / Holiday Lights
  • Aerial shot of Your Neighbourhood
  • Shopping!
  • “I don’t like Christmas”

The second set of subjects:

  • Gifts for the Holidays
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Family
  • Cookies for Santa
  • Holiday Office Party
  • Opening Presents
  • Celebrating 2010
  • Fireworks

third (and final) set of subjects

  • A Big Clean Up
  • “Party’s Over…”
  • Yummy Leftovers
  • Charity / Kindness
  • Surprise!
  • Yellow
  • A Pleasant Evening Outdoors with Friends
  • Still Dancing

Find the full rules and other guidelines here and please post comments and discussions to the entries [URL=“”]over in this thread.

The next eight topics are coming on January 1st.

I’ll have to also remind you that you’re limited to submitting one image per topic, so please make sure you’ve worked at it a few times, you’re happy, and chose out the best to show us. We want you to have the best chance as possible at winning, and that means taking your time to submit only your best images.

Finally, we encourage you to take time to take great photos and pick the that you think is the best, rather than just throwing everything out there and hoping one shot will be better than the others. The competition is about quality, not quantity.


Sad bread

[FONT=“Georgia”](example submission:)

December Weather

December weather in Trinidad.[/FONT]

December Weather

Double rainbow in Rotterdam

Here’s my entry for December weather - taken on a walk from Sutton Bank in Yorkshire.

Christmas lights

Taken with my mobile phone so it’s a bit grainy. Only changed brighness and contrast a bit, and removed a small patch of white wall from the background.

I’m just doing this fun - I don’t want any prizes :slight_smile:

December Weather

Just for fun for a fun competition! The first sign of winter for me is the robin (and of course snow most importantly) in our back garden - I was lucky to capture him with a couple of male chaffinches all in a row in our snow covered hedges which I thought was unusual so I took a quick snap earlier today on my camcorder! :slight_smile:

Christmas lights
East coast Australia

Holiday Foods! Not the most healthy, but they are the most delicious. :slight_smile: These are a few things that were on my plate at our annual neighborhood cookie swap!

Holiday Lights…
One single christmas light can brighten the whole room.

December Weather

Christmas Lights - An artistic view

Candle light…:slight_smile:

Snowy Christmas Tree

Minor color corrections made in PS3

December Weather

Port Fairy - Victoria

** I to am just submitting this for fun and not looking for any prizes.

December weather
East coast Australia

Holiday food

A chestnut vendor in Piazza Navona (Rome)

No corrections, just cut off the non interesting parts.
I’m not participating in the contest, just wanting to post some pictures :slight_smile:

Another one not participating:

December weather
(Well, at least yesterday the weather was like this, today it’s been raining…)

The picture shows a modern art statue in the square in front of the sport palace in EUR (Rome). I’m not sure what it is supposed to be, but in this holiday season it might be considered a modern christmas tree :wink:

This one has not been corrected at all.

Small waves, few surfers, warm day at Swamis, a popular surfing spot in Encinitas, CA USA. Notice people in shorts. Another beautiful December day in San Diego.

I don’t like Christmas

Even if this one needs translation for those non-Spanish speakers:

“Merry Christmas and happy new year” in Spanish we say “Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo” (prosperous, wishing economic wealth to all).
This graffiti says "Merry falsehood and prosperous new trick" (In English it doesn’t make sense as it makes in Spanish)