December Photo Challenge: Holiday decorations


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No matter what your native culture is, I bet you celebrate some holiday in December with festive decorations. This month our challenge will be to show off your decorative skills. Pictures of exterior decorations in your town are also welcome here. The winning picture will be selected in a poll the first week of January and the winner will get his or her choice of SitePoint e-books. There are a couple of great new titles out now so check them out here!

My wife created a felt tree (since we are in a small space) that our children can play with, by re-arranging the felt ornaments, lights, etc.

That’s a great idea! And I bet the children love it :slight_smile:

Its really good and children like this very well because this are new for them

Yes the kids thoroughly enjoy it. It has been a BIG hit.

That’s a brilliant idea - and so much nicer than having to tell them not to touch. :slight_smile:

Here are some pics that I took the other day

Yes thats a great idea cpradio - you should get your wife to mass produce and sell them!

These are really lovely. I have never seen the idea displayed in your first tree before. When my children were young we used to decorate with candy canes, cranberry garlands, and pop-corn strings. The cranberry’s and popcorn strings remained intact, but the candy canes seemed to disappear over the holiday season. If I had used that bowl idea (which I love, by the way) I’m quite sure the bowls would have been empty by Xmas.

I’m sure there would be… these ones look kind of empty right now and I already said to my friend “it looks that you’re asking for something…”

Here is a family photo in front of the huge Christmas tree outside of our city zoo and my daughter in front of a very large ornament.

Now THAT is some decoration! :slight_smile:


… and I hate to think what size tree you’d need to hang it on. :lol: Great pictures, cpradio.

One that would ‘bearly’ fit inside your cave! :smiley:

Thanks, they are impressive and there are several of them throughout the zoo. My daughter had to find each and every one of them :slight_smile:

Amazing that you still had the energy to click the camera then! :lol:

It’s Christmas at SPHQ!

This is our village Christmas tree, taken as I walked home this evening.

Looks so quiet. Reminds me of “silent night” :slight_smile:

It was quiet. :slight_smile: It was only about 5pm, but there was hardly a soul about. If I’d walked 90 degrees round the tree, I’d have been facing the road and the local shop, so there would have been some signs of life. (The tree is on the village green, which is between the beach and the main road through the village. There are no buildings on the shore side of the road.)