Submissions: The Great Holiday Photography Competition

(Submitted for “December Weather”)

Winter Weather… my puppies!

(Submitted for “Shopping!”)

Christmas shopping… lights…

I don’t like Christmas shopping…

Bread. :slight_smile:

Christmas Shopping!

“I don’t like Christmas”… Not that I don’t like Christmas, I just don’t like being pushed down in the snow, then getting my picture taken… I was pissed. lol

these are just for fun for the new topics.

Fireworks - Federation Square, Melbourne

My brother’s return from Iraq last Christmas

December Weather:

Aerial shot of Your Neighbourhood:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Christmas Lights

I can’t take part but this is a just because.[/FONT]

I have submitted this image for the competition of AERIAL SHOT OF NEIGHBORHOOD.

Cookies for Santa!!

Toy Soldier…

x-mas tree

Christmas Lights (Islamabad, Pakistan)

Gifts for the Holidays

what could be a better gift then our first daughter born on 20 of december :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Holiday Food

Another “just for fun” photo, this was from a charity Christmas lunch for foster home kids. Held on the 27th December, this year.


Well, I was waiting to do a picture to the start of the “San Silvestre Vallecana” race which happens on the 31th… but I’ve been lazy so I leave you with the some Chritsmas lights in Madrid instead :slight_smile:

i am posting this photo for the category of YELLOW in the final set.