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I will be finishing high school next year in China and want to study in Canada. My parents and me also think that I will stay in Canada after I finish my studies so that I can one day become a Canadian. I want to get the best possible job after so I am wondering if anyone can tell me which areas of study to go into?

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Hi gibo12, welcome to the forum

Canada is not a small country. Toronto is a very large city, while Tilt Cove is an extremely small town.
As is anywhere, job opportunities may depend on where you are living.
Where are you planning to live in Canada?

What do you mean by “best possible”?
Some might say hockey player, some bank president,some fisherman, others ski instructor, etc.

Because this is a web development forum, I’ll assume you are talking web development and not one of those :wink:

What constitutes “best” for you?

why canada of all places?

Finding the “best” job depends on lots of different things…salary, what you’re interested in, your strengths…
I think doing something you enjoy should be a priority over doing a job that earns the most money. Have a think about what you’re passionate about and what you could imagine yourself doing day in, day out, that would make you happy and fulfilled in your job! From personal experience, I would also say it takes a while to find the career you want to do for the rest of your life so don’t be afraid to have a few career changes in the meantime :slight_smile:

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