Need Help!

Hello everbody!

First, i am sorry about my bad english, hope you forgive!

I’m vietnamese, and i really really love information technology (IT), best is programming.

I’m studying grade 11, and i contemplate to studying in an university in america.

My acquaintances are in carlifornia, and i think i’ll study there.

So my question is:
Do you know any univesity in carlifornia teaching IT? And which is the best (you think)?

And if there is some people(?) is studying IT, i hope i can communicate with you by facebook, or mail? So please give me your facebook or mail ^^.

Sorry about my bad english again

I am Craig ,can u please inform which course is better for Information Technology…I need ur help…


hey craig if you want to make career in information technology then try to software industry you can learn any language like c, c++, java or many more if your logical thinking power is good then easily learn these language otherwise you also try open source language like php for easily web development wish you all the best for your bright future.

hey if your trying to make career in the IT field than focused on Web Programming of Software Engineering

It is very good to have an ambition of having a career in it…
But, it needs hard work and a very strong commitment.
First of all search for a suitable place and then opt a suitable option in IT.

As you can see, vague questions lead to vague and useless answers. It’s better to do some research first, and then ask clear questions about specific problems.

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