Strong and Sharp font anti-aliasing with css


My friends often use Strong, Sharp and other anti-aliasing features in PS.

When I`m slicing and working on CSS, i got issues because of this.

Can you give me right help to fix that problem. How to make this styles via CSS?

These don’t exist in CSS, but there are some nice, newer features that might be of use. We need to know what you are trying to do here. Could you post a screen shot? Are you using images or text? (“Slicing” makes it sound like you are using images anyway.)

Thank you for reply.

I`m using my font with font-family feature. If i used images,than i wouldn’t have this problem.

So I have text with my special font and want to make it as in PSD with STRONG anti-aliasing.

Check live website here:

and this is psd shoot:

You could try using a bit of text-shadow, but beyond that, you won’t find much else in CSS that will help, I suspect. Browsers are not as advanced as Photoshop. :slight_smile:


I will leave it as it is.

Thanks anyway.