Aliasing my footer

I am struggeling how I could prevent the anti-aliasing on my website for the copyright. I want that the text is not anti-aliased. I have tried photoshop, but even with photoshop the picture will be anti-aliased after I am uploading the pic on my page.

What I am talking about is that I want to display only the pixels that are set by me and not additional pixels from the browser…

If you still don’t know what I mean look at this website’s footer copyright (it’s not anti-aliased): [noparse][/noparse]

Hi and welcome to Sitepoint.

If you use text on the page it shouldn’t be antialiased at all although some OS do have font smoothing to remove the jagged edges.
To get photoshop to stop antialiasing the text, open the TEXT palette and the bottom right option should give you a drop down with options for aliasing.
Set it to NONE and away you go.